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AACANet has been using the Audit Information Management system developed by ARMGuard Solutions to manage its vendor audits. This program allows AACANet to deploy audit questions, receive responses with supporting documentation and audit the information to assure compliance. While not a replacement for on site visits, AIM helps AACANet oversee its service providers and assure compliance with its standards and the standards of its clients.

On October 8th, the New York governor signed into law a bill that requires principal creditors and debt collectors to include, in their initial communications to debtors, a disclosure that: “each communication can be provided in an alternative, reasonably accommodatable, format. Such disclosure shall substantively contain the following: (a) A statement that the consumer may request the letter in an alternative, reasonably accommodatable format selected by the principal creditor or debt collector such as large print, Braille, audio compact disc, or other means; and (b) A business phone number that the consumer may call to make such a request.” A violation of the law is a misdemeanor, and each letter that is noncompliant is a separate misdemeanor. The financial fine for the first violation is $250, and each subsequent violation is $500. For purposes of complying with the new law, it states that “a principal creditor or debt collector providing reasonable accommodation in compliance wi